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Testing extensions

When you have “adopted” an extension it is likely you are going to want to have a look at the tests that exist for it. Basic information considering these tests can be found here:

This page is aimed at answering the most likely questions on testing extension you will have. This page considers you succeeded to configure and compile PHP from source already. Obviously with your “adopted” extension(s) included.

How do I run tests

The easy way is running “make test”. This will test all tests for all extensions (including standard, which has stuff like array_*) that where included with ./configure before you compiled PHP.

Can I run tests for a single extension?

Yes. Run “make test TESTS=path/to/extension/*.phpt” for instance. Obviously you can run a single test file by replacing the wild card with the actual filename.

My test fails and I did not expect this

If a test fails “make test” automatically provides you with a couple of files that can give you information on what went wrong. These files are placed in the same folder as the test file. The following files are added (considering your test file is named foo.phpt):

Generating code coverage

A helpful tool might be the code coverage report you can generate. You will need the lcov and ggcov packages (on linux) installed, they are named exactly like mentioned. If you have those packages installed the simple “make lcov” command will generate a code coverage report that is also viewable as HTML. This report is built in the main directory and can be found in the lcov_html folder. A prerequisite for making lcov is that your configuration has “–enable-gcov”

If you had not configured like this previously “./config.nice –enable-gcov” will add to your existing configuration (making sure you do not have to remember the different flags you added to configure earlier. After that “make lcov” should work as expected. You can now see which parts are not covered at all and are in need of tests. Good luck!