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GoPHP7-ext Todo List

These tasks need input from specific people, or more thought, before they can are useful for the wider community to get involved with.

Documentation for extension developers

Write more documentation for new extension devs to use, things like best practices, setups for testing on travis/appveyor, how to get windows extensions compiling, etc

PHP7 Best Practice Documentation

Work on “new” best practices for php7 - namespacing extensions, proper api design, code layout and standards, so that extensions are nice and clean (think PSR’s for extensions - optional but makes life awesome)

Make Installation A Breeze

Work with composer and pickle folks ( so that installation with composer/pickle is even better than with pear/pecl

Central Packages Repository

Have a packagist like place to list all these disparate extensions (pecl has license restrictions, for example) - maybe even packagist itself

Offer Pre-built Versions

Create places to have binary compiles for systems - ubuntu/debian ppas, homebrew stuff, etc so that getting binary/easily compiling versions on a system is something all extensions can have with minimal work